Bioprocess Engineering Study Program

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Undergraduate Study Program: S1 Bioprocess Engineering

(Certificate AUN-QA, IABEE, BAN-PT Grate: Excellent)

Graduates of bioprocess engineering courses can be called “universal engineers” because they learn the basics of chemical engineering with the addition of biological techniques. As engineering graduates, they are able to manage systems and manufacturing processes of biological products and provide solutions for solving biological engineering problems in accordance with professional ethics.

UI bioprocess engineering graduates can contribute in the following fields: food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology industry, oleochemical industry, consulting and engineering companies, environment and sustainable energy industries, government, education and others.

Persyaratan Studi Kredit
Teknik Kimia Teknik Bioproses
Dasar Umum 18 18
Dasar Teknik 25 30
Dasar Program Studi 59 69
Penunjang 15
Pilihan 11 11
Mata kuliah “Capstone” 16 16
Total 144 Kredit 144 Kredit






Program Specification
1 Awarding Institution Universitas Indonesia
2 Teaching Institution Universitas Indonesia
3 Programme Tittle Undergraduate Program in Bioproses Engineering
4 Class Regular
5 Final Award Sarjana Teknik (S.T)
6 Accreditation / Recognition BAN-PT: A accredited
7 Language(s) of Instruction Bahasa Indonesia
8 Study Scheme (Full Time / Part Time) Full Time
9 Entry Requirements High school
10 Study Duration Designed for 4 years
Type of Semester Number of Semester Number of weeks / semester
Reguler 8 16
Short (optional) 3 8
11 Graduate Profile: Bioprocess Engineering Graduates who are able to design components, systems, processes, and products related to bioprocess engineering profession by considering the aspects of engineering, economic, social, health, safety, and enviromental as well as capable of critical thinking, communicate effectively, and work in team
12 Expected Learning Outcomes:

  1. Able to communicate effectively and work in multidisciplinary team.
  2. Capable of critical thinking, creative, and innovative, and also have the intellectual ability to solve the problems at individual and group level.
  3. Good at both spoken and written in Bahasa Indonesia and English for academic and non-academic activity.
  4. Able to identify the kind of entrepreneurial effort which includes innovative and independent characteristic based on ethics
  5. Capable of utilizing information communication technology.
  6. Able to apply the knowledge of the mathematics and sciences in solving engineering problems.
  7. Able to apply energy, momentum and mass balance concepts in solving bioprocess problems.
  8. Able to apply bioenergetics concept in solving bioprocess problems.
  9. Able to apply transport phenomena concepts in solving problems.
  10. Able to apply bioprocess reaction engineering concepts in solving bioprocess problems.
  11. Able to use the modern bioprocess engineering tools.
  12. Able to conducts experiments and analyse the data of experiment results.
  13. Able to design components, systems, processes, and products related to bioprocess engineering profession by considering the aspects of the engineering, economic, social, health, safety, and environmental.
  14. Able to provide the solutions of various problems occurred in community, nation, and country.
  15. Develop themselves continuously to contribute in solving local and global problems.
13 Classification of Subjects
No Classification Percentage
i University General Subjects 12,5
ii Basic Engineering Subjects 17,4
iii Core Subjects 59
iv Stream Subject
v Elective Subjects 6,3
vi Special Subject (Internship, Seminar, Undergraduate Thesis) 4,9
Total 100%
14 Total Credit Hours to Graduate 144
Employment Prospects

Graduates of bioprocess engineering can work and have career in food and processed industries; pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology industries; oleochemical industry; consulting and engineering firms; renewable energy industry and environmental processing; government agencies; education; and others

Network Competence

Flow Diagram of Subjects

Course Structure of Undergraduate Program in Bioprocess Engineering
1st Semester
UIGE600002 Integrated Character Building B 6
UIGE600003 English 3
ENGE600003 Calculus 4
ENGE600009 Basic Chemistry 2
ENBE601002 Intro to Bioprocess Engineering 3
ENBE601003 Communication skills 2
Total Credit Term 1 20
2nd Semester
UIGE600001 Integrated Character Building A 6
ENGE600005 Physics (Mechanics and Thermal) 3
ENGE600004 Linear Algebra 4
ENBE602003 Cell Biology 3
UIGE600010-15 Religion 2
UIGE600020 - 48 Sport / Art 1
ENGE600006 Physics (Mechanics and Thermal) Lab 1
Total Credit Term 2 20
3rd Semester
ENGE600007 Physics (Electricity, MWO) 3
ENBE603004 Organic Chemistry 3
ENBE603005 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry 3
ENBE603006 Physical Chemistry 3
ENBE603007 Physic Chemistry & Analytics Lab 1
ENBE603008 Mass and Energy Balance 3
ENBE603009 Molecular Biology 3
ENGE600008 Physics (Electricity, MWO) Lab 1
Total Credit Term 3 20
4th Semester
ENBE604010 Transport Phenomena 3
ENBE604011 Fluid and Particle Mechanics 3
ENBE604012 Numerical Computation 3
ENBE604013 Cell Culture 3
ENBE604014 Heat Transfer 3
ENBE604015 Biochemistry Laboratory 2
ENGE600010 Statistic and Probability 2
Total Credit Term 4 19
5th Semester
ENBE605016 Biocatalysis 3
ENBE605017 Separation 3
ENGE600011 Engineering Economics 3
ENBE605018 Genetic Engineering 3
ENBE605019 Bioprocess Unit Operation Lab I 1
ENBE605020 Biochemical Engineering 3
ENGE600012 HSE Protection 2
ENBE605021 Bioenergetics 2
Total Credit Term 5 20
6th Semester
ENBE606012 Bioprocess System Simulation 3
ENBE606013 Bioprocess Unit Operation Lab II 1
ENBE606014 Bioreactor Engineering 3
ENBE606015 Bioprocess Equipment Design 3
ENBE606016 Bio Product Design 4
ENBE606017 Process Controll 3
Elective 1 3
Total Credit Term 6 20
7th Semester
ENBE607018 Bioprocess Waste Treatment 3
ENBE607019 Industrial Project Management 2
ENBE607020 Plant Design 4
ENBE600021 Internship 2
ENBE600022 Research Methodology & Seminar 2
Elective 2 3
Total Credit Term 7 16
8th Semester
ENBE600023 Undergraduate Thesis 4
ENBE608024 Capita Selecta 2
Elective 3 3
Total Credit Term 8 9


Code Elective Course for Odd Semester Credit
ENCH801101 Foor Technology 3
ENCH801102 Herbal Engineering 3
ENCH801103 Composite Material 3
ENCH801104 Hydrocarbon Thermodynamic 3
ENCH801105 Lubricants Engineering 3
ENCH801106 Combustion Engineering 3
ENCH801107 Heterogenous Catalyst 3
ENCH803101 Oleochemistry Industry 3
ENCH803102 Protein Engineering 3
ENCH803103 Applied Thermodynamics 3
ENCH803104 Dynamics System 3
ENCH803105 Cryogenics 3
ENCH803106 Plasma & Ozone Engineering 3
ENCH803107 Special Topics 1 3
ENCH803201 Renewable Energy 3
Code Elective Course for Even Semester Credit
ENCH802105 Storage & Packaging Techno 3
ENCH802106 Bioinformatics 3
ENCH802107 Cosmetics and Drugs 3
ENCH802108 Biomaterial 3
ENCH802109 Crude Oil Processing 3
ENCH802110 Petrochemical Process 3
ENCH802111 Photocatalysis Engineering 3
ENCH802112 Polimer 3
ENCH802113 Polution Prevention 3
ENCH802114 Explor & Product of Hydrocarbon 3
ENCH802115 Plant Utility and Maintenance 3
ENCH802116 Drug Controlled Release Techno 3
ENCH802117 Analysis & Synthesis of Process 3
ENCH802118 Geothermal Engineering 3
ENCH802119 Problem Solving Skills 3
ENCH802120 Special Topics 2 3
ENCH802201 Trans & Utilization of Natural Gas 3
ENCH802203 Risk Management 3


General Course of University 18
General Course of Engineering Faculty 25
Skill Course 92
Total 135
Elective Course 9
Total Courses Load 144