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Available books such as: student thesis, seminars, practical work reports, design reports, magazines, journals, and internet networks (Hotspots).



Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Indonesia. Established in 1981, we are one of the highest-ranking chemical engineering departments in Indonesia and have been accredited by the Indonesian National Accreditation Agency (BAN), ASEAN University Network (AUN), Japan Accreditation … read more

Degree program

Chemical Engineering Study Program (AUN-QA, BAN-PT Certificate, Accreditation: A) produces graduates who are able to contribute in the field of chemical engineering by applying chemical engineering knowledge after considering aspects of engineering, economics, social, health and safety, energy, environment, sustainability, and ethics… read more

Master & Doctoral Program

The Master Program (BAN-PT: A Accreditation) is offered by the UI Chemical Engineering Department for regular classes on the Depok campus and for special classes in gas management on the Salemba campus. Students have the flexibility to choose a number of elective courses… read more