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Ir, University of Indonesia, 1996
M.T., University of Indonesia, 2003
Dr, University of Indonesia, 2012

Field of Interest:
Biomass Production and CO2 Fixation of Microalgae

My research interest are in the production of biomass and CO2 fixation from microalgae, and also conducted a series of synthesis from these microalgae biomass extraction.

Microalgae Biomass Production

Research on microalgae biomass production has been carried out through a series of activities with some of the focus of research, among others: the type of reactor used, the ability of microalgae CO2 fixation and illumination settings. These three factors have been shown to increase the growth rate from microalgae. This research may be considered for other microalgae research, especially in the context of pursuing the utilization and development of microalgae resources.

CO2 Fixation from Microalgae

Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms which rich in essential and have the ability to eliminate CO2. One of the main objectives from production of microalgae biomass is improving its CO2 fixation capacity, as an effort to overcome the environmental issues (Global Warming). Several studies conducted have shown that an increase in algal biomass production rate will also increase the ability of its CO2 fixation. Thus, microalgae-based research efforts may be a safe alternative and environmentally friendly, in addressing the issue of greenhouse gases and global climate change.