Elsa Krisanti

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Elsa Krisanti

S.Si, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1984
PhD, Colorado School of Mines, USA, 1992

Field of Interest:
Applied Chemistry; Biomass Conversion; Controlled Release Delivery System; Teaching-Learning Methods

Recently my research interests are in controlled release delivery system using natural polymer such as chitosan to function as depot in controlled release of bioactive compounds. My other interest is in student active learning such as application of Problem based learning method in science and engineering classes.

Controlled release delivery system

The objective of controlled release system is getting the right amount of active compound to the right place at the right time. It enhances the study on strategies, materials, and technologies to control delivery of active compounds to a specific region in the body. One of the important matters in controlled release is the usage of polymers and technologies to produce micro or nanoparticles with bioactive compounds embedded.

Problem Based Learning (PBL) method

In problem-based learning (PBL), students work together in small groups to solve real-world problems or that mimics real life problem. PBL is an active and iterative process that engages students to identify what they know, and more importantly, what they don’t know. Their motivation to solve a problem becomes their motivation to find and apply knowledge. Students and teacher, who become facilitator in PBL, are both get the benefits of learning process.