Chemical & Natural Product Engineering Lab.

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The Chemical Engineering Department takes part in research activities with the theme:

“Sustainable chemical and bioprocess engineering for energy and product development.”

The research theme is supported by four research groups: Designing natural and chemical products, sustainable energy, industrial bioprocess engineering, and process intensification. Research activities in the Department of Chemical Engineering have received various types of research funding from the government to support student research activities.

Because of the limitations of petroleum resources and increasing pollution to the environment, the development of natural product designs as a substitute for petroleum is important. Therefore, research is focused on answering various challenges through experiments in laboratories and computer modeling and simulation. Experiments included designing chemical reactor construction and also testing the performance of chemical reactions. For certain reactions or katali, testing can be done both on a lab scale and pilot scale

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Dr. Ir. Setiadi, M.Eng

Research Area:
Chemical and palm oil based products (biodiesel additives, biogasoline, bio lubricant, and photocatalysis) through chemical / biological / photo reactions


Dr, Ir. Setiadi, M.Eng
Reaction engineering & catalysis


Prof. Dr. Ir. Slamet, M.T.
Photocatalysis and Nonomaterials

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Nasikin, M.Eng
Heterogeneous catalysis for developing products from chemicals and natural materials

Dr. Ir. Sukirno, M.Eng
Tribology; lubricant; biolubricant

Kamarza Mulia, Ph.D
Controlled Release of Drug & Bioactive Compounds; Teaching-learning Methods

Elsa Krisanti, Ph.D
Applied chemistry; biomass conversion; controlled release delivery system;
teaching-learning methods

Dewi Tristantini, Ph.D
Process catalysis

Dr. Eny Kusrini
Lanthanide; Biomaterials Engineering

Dr. Bambang Heru Susanto , S.T. ,M,T,
Bio conversion (biofuel); process computation

Muhammad Ibadurrohman, Ph.D