Process Intensification Lab.

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The Chemical Engineering Department takes part in research activities with the theme:

“Sustainable chemical and bioprocess engineering for energy and product development.”

The research theme is supported by four research groups: Designing natural and chemical products, sustainable energy, industrial bioprocess engineering, and process intensification. Research activities in the Department of Chemical Engineering have received various types of research funding from the government to support student research activities.

Process Intensification Laboratory

Chemical process intensification is the development of chemical techniques that lead to smaller, cleaner and more efficient processes of energy and material use. The Process Intensification research group covers a variety of technology fields all of which are intended to improve the efficiency of the process by making smaller scale processes. This research group focuses on fields certain technologies, namely: membrane, ozone, ultra violet, the latest oxidation process.

Contact Us :
Dr. Ir. Eva Fathul Karamah, M.T.

Research Area :
Membrane, ozone, UV, current oxidation, plasma technology.


Dr, Ir. Eva Fathul Karamah, M.T.
Advanced Oxidation Processes


Prof. Ir. Sutrasno Kartohardjono, Ph.D.
Membrane-Baed Separation Processes

Prof. Dr. Ir. Setijo Bismo, DEA
Ozone and plasma technology

Dr. Ir. Yuliusman, M.T.
Liquid-liquid extraction; gas & pollutan adsorption

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nelson Saksono, M.T.
Plasma electrolysis