Abdul Wahid

Pembaruan pada:

Abdul Wahid

Ir, Universitas Indonesia, 1994
M.T., Universitas Indonesia, 2001
Dr, Universitas Teknologi Malaysia, 2015

Bidang penelitian:
Design, Dynamic Modeling, Simulation & Control

My research interest is in developing the mathematical model of a system which will be controlled by model predictive control (MPC). Moreover, I also interested in usage of controller in a new plant design.


Representative Model Predictive Control

A conventional controller such as PI and PID is enough to proceed a single variable. In the other hand to proceed multi variable, model predictive control is better. To controlled nonlinear process, conventional controller using PID Nonlinear, while mpc using mpc nonlinear or multiple mpc (mmpc). One of the MMPC’s that is developed here is RMPC (Representative MPC), which is done by selecting linear MPC’s that is most suitable to use as a controller.

New Plant Control Design

Demand of new plant in Indonesia is still high. For along time a new plant design made base on a steady state process, however the plant running in dynamic state. The dynamic state need controller. In this research, we try to find the most optimum and efficiency controller (PI or MPC) for the new plant.


Tools Add-Oxygen for Kerosene Stoves and the manufacturing process (ID0018225)


Purwanto, Widodo W., Yulianto Sulistyo Nugroho, Abdul Wahid, etc. (2006) Indonesia Energy Outlook & Statistics 2006, Center for Energy Study University of Indonesia, Depok. ISBN 979-95967-1-8