Andy Noorsaman Sommeng

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Andy Noorsaman Sommeng

Ir, Universitas Indonesia, 1984
DEA, UTC, Perancis, 1989
Dr, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Perancis, 1993

Bidang penelitian:
Rekayasa sistem proses

My research interests are Process System Risk Management and Value Management.

Process System Risk Management

Natural gas distribution pipeline has an importance role in contributing the industrial activity in the west of Java and Jakarta Area, the capitol of Indonesia. The pipeline has to be maintained to ensure that pipeline working properly in transporting natural gas to the end -users. Preventive maintenance is one of the maintenance strategy to reach the goal of the gas transmission and distribution company. In order to evaluate the actual pipeline condition in service, operators will implement routine condition monitoring activities. The primary aim being to identify at a very early stage any occurrence of accelerated deterioration. It is widely accepted that in-line inspection is a key component of any pipeline integrity management programed which based on accurate and reliable data provides a sound technical basis for planning future maintenance and repair activities.


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