Dijan Supramono

Pembaruan pada:

Dijan Supramono

Ir, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1984
M.Sc, University of Manchaster, UK, 1991
Dr, Universitas Indonesia

Bidang penelitian:
Applied Pyrolysis, Fluid Mechanics, Process Heat and Power Integration

My research interests are 1. to investigate the coal and biomass combustion, especially the combustion of pellets and briquettes, which occurs inherently at low flame temperatures and as consequences releases pollutants of CO gas and hydrocarbons to the environment and requires long ignition delay time, 2. to investigate the effects of fluid behavior in combustion in order to maximize heat transfers and to control the combustion pollution.

Coal briquette combustion

Coal briquette combustion intrinsically occurs at low temperature compared to particle combustion. This impairs the ignition time and well as the pollution level of the exhaust gas. Supported by Hibah Bersaing Fund from Ministry of Education, we have investigated the reduction of these effects by utilizing golf-ball effect on briquette promoters and a stove hood improving residence time of the exhaust gas in the stove.

Wood-gas combustion

In order to tackle the problem of CO emission in stoves involving solid combustion, research has been directed to the combustion of pyrolysis gas formed from biomass pellets in a wood-gas stove to approach the performance of LPG stoves. It has reduced CO emission near to the maximum allowable level of 25 ppm. It is still continuing to improve heat convection and to reduce heat radiation so that the stoves is appropriate for use in households.