Mahmud Sudibandriyo

Pembaruan pada:

Mahmud Sudibandriyo

Ir, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1986
M.Sc, Oklahoma State University, USA, 1991
Ph.D, Oklahoma State University, USA, 2003

Bidang penelitian:
Adsorbsi Termodinamik; Coal-Bed Methane

My research interests are related to the theories and applications of gas and liquid adsorption .

Supported by Osaka Gas foundation, development of the high-pressure gas adsorption model and also the new technique for surface area determination for porous materials have been conducted, Some funding are also obtained from the Government to develop high quality of activated carbon for specific application in gas adsorption storage and gas/liquid pollution prevention.

Measurements of high-pressure adsorption for Nitrogen, CO2 and Methane and their mixtures on activated carbon and coals have long been experienced. These measurements are very important for estimation of methane contents in a Coalbed Methane (CBM), methane production rate, and for CO2 sequestration purposes. Some institutions and companies involve in this research work including Department of Energy (USA) and BP-Amoco,

Furthermore, many studies on the development of Coalbed Methane Productions in Indonesia and their usage have also conducted in our research group.