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Ir, Universitas Gadjah Mada, 1990
M.T., Universitas indonesia, 1996
Dr, Universitas Indonesia, 2004

Bidang penelitian:
Fotokatalisis dan nanomaterial

My research interests are the development of nanocomposite-based photocatalysts (TiO2, ZnO, WO3, etc.) with different types of natural materials (natural zeolites, activated carbon, pumice, etc.) for a variety of applications such as liquid/gaseous pollutant degradation, disinfecting different types of microorganisms, self-cleaning material, and anti-fogging. Synthesis of nano-titania with different structures such as nanoparticle, nanotube and nanowire have also conducted for the production of renewable fuel such as hydrogen and methanol. The combination of photocatalytic processes with other processes have also accommo-dated to create various types of daily life tools (mosquito traps, air purification, deodorizing, water purification, etc.)

Modification of Titania Nanoparticle

Supported by the Universitas Indonesia (DRPM) and the Ministry of National Education (DIKTI), We have done work on developing a photo-catalytic hydrogen (H2) production system from renewable resource over metal and non-metal doped TiO2 nanotubes. Nanotubes structure of TiO2 has been studied extensively and proven to be effectively increase surface area, hence improve the active site for photo-catalytic reaction. On the other hand, metal doping (like Pt, Ni, Cu) is an effective approach to inhibit recombination, so that photo-charge lifetime and transfer can be improved significantly. Moreover, non-metal doping (N, C, etc) has been known to be able to improve TiO2 activity under visible light illumination by reducing the band gap.


  • Outstanding Lecturer Award in Education and Teaching, Faculty of Engineering UI (2001)
  • Award of Satyalancana Karya Satya 10 Tahun (2007)
  • DIKTI & UI Regional and International Scientific Article Award (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009-20011)
  • Award of “The Highest Score of EDOM (Student’s Evaluation on Teaching), FTUI (2011)


Purwanto, W. W., & Slamet (2017). Teknik reaksi kimia : teori dan soal penyelesaian. UI Publishing.