Praswasti PDK Wulan

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Praswasti PDK Wulan

Ir, Universitas Indonesia, 1991
M.T., Universitas Indonesia, 1996
Dr, Universitas Indonesia, 2011

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Rekayasa nanokarbon

My research interests are nanotechnology especially nanocarbon engineering. I am also active in engineering education research and scholarship.

Nanocarbon Engineering

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are widely studied and are starting to be used for electrode and sensor applications. In such cases, a conducting substrate is most often required. Particularly, stainless steel (SS) seems an attractive candidate for CNT growth due to its high iron content (66%) and the possibility to tailor active sites for the growth process. The major barrier to the industrial application of either CNT or carbon nano fibre, On the other hand, lies on the cost of their carbonaceous precursors. CNT is expected to be produced at reasonable cost and quantity produced to meet demand. Considering their high carbon and hydrogen content, as well as their high energy content, waste plastics and banana peel present a distinct alternative to the aforementioned carbon sources.

Nanacarbon Application

Supported by the the Directorate of Research and Community Service Universitas Indonesia and Program Hibah Kompetisi, We have done improving the quality of CNT via Methane Decomposition. This research also managed to increase the economic value of Fruit Bunch Palm Oil and waste banana peel. Banana peel contains approximately 41.37% of carbon so it is other carbon sources which can be used in the manufacture of CNT. Utilization of CNT in Fruit Bunch Palm Oil reinforced composite also has shown improvement in mechanical properties.