Pembaruan pada:


Ir, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1985
M.Eng, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, 1994
Dr, Universitas Indonesia, 2011

Bidang penelitian:
Tribologi; pelumasan; pelumas bio

My research interest is utilization of palm oil into several kind of bio-lubricant. It includes modification of less oxidation-resistant palm oil into more oxidation-resistant palm oil derivatives, and also utilization of glycerol as side-product of biodiesel production process.


Palm oil is a good bio-lubricant as long as its weak point, which are the oxidation-resistant and low-temperature fluidity, can be increased. Research related to above topic includes modification of carbon double bond of the triglyceride via reaction such as epoxidation and ring opening of epoxides, and modification of ester group, to obtain high oxidation-resistant bio-lubricant. Another effort is manufacturing of glycerol carbonate from waste glycerol.


For several years I have been focusing on manufacturing of bio-grease using the modified lam oil as the base oil and variation of thickening agent. For the time being I used over based detergent sulphonate as the thickening agent to obtain high antiwear performance of a bio-grease product. The recent effort to increase antiwear performance of the grease is by using several kind of solid particle additives which is varied from micro size to nano size.


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