Kenny Lischer

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Kenny Lischer

ST, Universitas Indonesia, 2012
MT, Universitas Indonesia, 2013
Dr, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, 2018

Field of interest:
Thermophilic Bacteria and Recombination Proteins

Since Indonesia has numerous volcanoes, there are much hot springs exist. These hot springs hide valuable gems called thermophilic bacteria which have temperature tolerance from 40 to 80 degree celsius. Interestingly, the protein and enzyme can maintain their activity in high temperature (thermostable). Therefore, I try to explore the opportunities of thermophilic bacteria for several application such as bioenergy, MEOR, and waste treatment. In addition, I also interest to produce recombinant thermostable enzyme in E. coli. These enzyme can be used either for bioenergy, waste treatment, biomedical, or generating Genetic Modified Organism (GMO).

Currently, my research focus are summarize below,
1. Isolation and identification of thermophilic bacteria and thermostable enzyme
2. Utilization of thermophilic bacteria application
3. Production of recombinant thermostable enzyme for bioenergy, waste treatment, biomedical, or generating GMOs

Besides that, the topic related with venom, synthetic biology, biosimilar, and genetic modified organism are all welcome.